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Welcome to Standish Humane Society
Standish Humane Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1969 dedicated to the care of homeless and needy animals in southeastern Massachusetts. We operate a no-kill shelter and adoption center for cats in Duxbury, MA and a reduced-cost Spay and Neuter Program for dogs and cats. We adopt out an average of 345 cats and kittens annually. Standish Humane is dependent on charitable donations to accomplish our missions.   


Meet our Featured Cat of the Week


Hi, I’m Phoebe! I’m an 8 year old girl kitty, and white as the driven snow. A year ago I spent the holidays with my own person, and we loved each other dearly. She trained me to be a lap cat, and I did my job well. But then my world fell apart when she had to go into a nursing home. I was brought to Standish in April of 2017 to find a new home. My person and I loved the holiday season, and I will really miss being in her loving arms this Christmas.

At Standish, I live in part of the kitchen at the shelter, and I am one of the first cats any adopter sees when visiting. When potential adopters see me and hear my sweet little meow beckoning them to play with me, they fall in love. Whenever a volunteer comes into my room, my little pat on the volunteer's hand means that I want to be petted. I love laps, I love to be stroked, and I love the volunteers.

You might wonder why a cat so beautiful in both looks and personality has been at Standish so long without being adopted. It is not because no one has been interested. They start asking about adopting me, but then my world is broken all over again. You see, I have diabetes and must have insulin shots twice a day. When adopters hear that, they quickly move on to look at other cats.

My diabetes is not really a problem because I am so good about getting my shots. I’m so well behaved, and I take my shots without complaint. It takes only a few seconds twice a day. My new forever family would not even have to pay for my diabetes care. Standish will take care of the expenses for my insulin and the veterinary bills related to my diabetes for the rest of my life.

I have a dream that I will be in my forever home for Christmas. I am really hoping someone will give me a loving home. If you adopt me, you will have a beautiful white Christmas cat and the gift that never stops giving you all the love and joy you could ever want.



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Standish Humane placed 302 cats and kittens in forever homes in 2016

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before January 25, 2018

Does your pet require care that you are struggling to afford? 
Thanks to the Share the Love campaingn, Standish Humane has created the Planet Subaru Home Forever Fund for pet owners who need financial help to care for their beloved pets in their forever homes.  
Click here to read more
Planet Subaru on Rte 53 in Hanover MA has again chosen Standish Humane Society as one of local charities to be the beneficiaries of Subaru USA's SHARE THE LOVE CAMPAIGN. 
If you are looking to buy or lease a new Subaru in the near future from
November 16,2107 and January 2, 2018 to get your new Subaru. When you do, please make sure to designate Standish Humane Society as your preferred "Share the Love" charity.  If you choose Standish, we will receive a nice donation as a result of your purchase. 
We love our pets. Please keep them warm and safe inside, especially during these frigid conditions.
Outdoor or stray cats might seek warm shelter in your car's engine compartment or on tires.  Be sure to tap on the hood to alert the cat to move out.

We could not do what we do without the support of generous donors.  

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The sign furnished by Jimmy Henderson as his Eagle Scout project
 is now installed at the shelter.

Thanks to everyone who donated funds toward this project.