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Welcome to Standish Humane Society
We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization of volunteers founded in 1969 dedicated to the care and placement of stray and abandoned pets in southeastern Massachusetts. We operate a no-kill shelter and adoption center in Duxbury, MA.  Through an active placement and reduced cost spay-neuter program, Standish works to reduce the critical pet overpopulation problem.  Standish Humane is dependent on charitable donations to provide for the care of cats and kittens awaiting adoption.  We find Forever Homes for more than 350 cats and kittens annually.


Meet our Featured Cat of the Week



Hi, this is Chloe, in my 3rd week as featured cat. I’m so disappointed I’ve not been adopted and in my forever home by now. I just don’t understand-I’m a great cat, young (only 1 year old!), very friendly, playful, entertaining, gentle and good with other cats!  I’m afraid when I’m no longer the featured cat, I’ll just be forgotten.


I've found out that getting a forever home is not that easy.  I have been hoping every day to be able to get in a carrier like I have seen other cats do.  That means they are going to their forever home.  But there has been no carrier for me.


I’m sure I had a home once, but I had to live on the streets after I got lost. It was very frightening and scary, and a lot of the time my stomach hurt really bad, because I could not find enough food to eat.  It was a dream come true to find myself at Standish where I get all the food I want, a cozy, warm bed, happy cats to play with, and volunteers to pet me.  But I was told I was getting a forever home, and that it would be very soon once I became the featured cat.  I was ecstatic.  I don't know why I haven't been selected to be someone's forever cat. 


Will you give me a forever home?  I really and truly would make the perfect pet for almost any loving family or person.  I hope you will come to meet me and take me home in a carrier this week. Please call 781-834-4663 to make a date to meet me.  It would make me so very, very happy.


Love and purrs, Chloe

  10 am - 3 pm

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Petco Adoption Weekend event  October 3 & 4

 PetSmart Adoption Center   

After careful consideration, the Board of Directors has decided to discontinue Standish’s operation of the adoption center at the PetSmart store in Braintree.  Although we greatly enjoyed working with the staff at PetSmart and appreciated the additional visibility gained by having a presence in Braintree,  we believe that the small adoption satellite is no longer necessary to properly carry out our mission.  Over the past year, Standish has expanded its roster of wonderful foster homes and  we now have the capacity to care for all kittens in a home-like setting, which we believe is the optimum environment for the little ones.  Kittens can run and play and look out windows 24/7 in the foster homes and easily develop into happy, socialized cats and everyone knows that looking out for the kitties’ best interest is what Standish is all about!  We thank PetSmart for being such a gracious host to Standish for the past three years.