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Welcome to Standish Humane Society
Standish Humane Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1969 dedicated to the care of homeless and needy animals in southeastern Massachusetts. We operate a no-kill shelter and adoption center for cats in Duxbury, MA and a reduced-cost Spay and Neuter Program for dogs and cats. We adopt out an average of 345 cats and kittens annually. Standish Humane is dependent on charitable donations to accomplish our missions.   


Meet our Featured Cat of the Week



Hi, it's Lulu, the four year old torbie with beautiful tortoise shell and tabby markings, personality plus, and everything a cat needs to be an ideal pet. I haven't found a forever home, and it is my third (and final) week as the Standish Featured Cat. I am beginning to think I will become a permanent resident of the shelter. Though they treat me like family, I would like a home of my own. I don't want to be the only Standish Featured Cat not to be adopted.

I had been living in a situation where I was malnourished and could not find enough water so my kidneys were harmed. Everyone who has seen me wants to adopt me--until they find out I need to have fluids administered a few times a week to keep my kidneys functioning well. It takes about 2 minutes to give me my fluids, and it’s very simple, as you can see in my video. I used to get fluids while I was sitting on a flat surface, but now I get them while I sit in a lap. I have become Lulu the Lap Lover and everyone loves a Lap Cat!

Anyone can give me fluids, it’s really simple, especially with a very cooperative cat like me. It makes me sad to think I have been so close to getting a forever home but have not because I need about ten minutes extra attention a week to get my fluids. There is no pain and I am fine with it. The shelter director can show you how to give me the fluids, and she thinks no more than 30 minutes would be needed to train you. Standish will cover the cost of my fluids for as long as I need them and any vet bills associated with my condition. I am happy for the other cats that got the homes I might have had, but I long for a forever home, too.

If you have given medications to people or pets at home  you will find giving me fluids will be easy. Please share my story with anyone you know who might want to give me a forever home. You won't think of it as a negative when you are getting such an awesome cat that plans to be the joy of your life.

Please help me find a home. I would like to be your one and only cat and you will be handsomely rewarded with an abundance of unconditional love, affection, and entertainment.


Lulu the Lap Cat

Watch the video to see how quick and easy it is to give fluids to LuLu.
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Standish Humane placed 302 cats and kittens in forever homes in 2016

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The sign furnished by Jimmy Henderson as his Eagle Scout project
 is now installed at the shelter.

Thanks to everyone who donated funds toward this project. 
Does your pet require care that you are struggling to afford? 
Thanks to the Share the Love campaingn, Standish Humane has created the Planet Subaru Home Forever Fund for pet owners who need financial help to care for their beloved pets in their forever homes.  
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On April 25th, 2017, Planet Subaru Purchase Partner Klaire Perkins presented Standish Humane Society President Julie Salamone with a check for $43,703.51.

For every new Subaru sold from November 17th, 2016 through January 3rd, 2017, $250 was donated to the buyer’s choice of six charities during the “Subaru Share the Love” Program. During this time, the dealership sold 222 new Subaru vehicles. The majority of buyers chose Standish.

Planet’s donations, totaling almost $150,000 since 2014, have enabled Standish to create the Planet Subaru Home Forever Fund to help owners pay for vet care, prescription foods, and other special needs. Standish President Julie Salamone said, “Traditionally, shelters find homes for surrendered and abandoned dogs and cats. With the Fund, we’re reducing animal homelessness by intervening ‘upstream’ and keeping animals in the homes where they are already loved. The Fund has helped Mr. Pickles, Smokey, Princess, Taz, and many more animals.”

We could not do what we do without the support of generous donors.  

Please visit our Supporters and Recognition pages.

Who needs a fancy cat bed when I have this box?