Standish Humane Society

P.O. Box 634, Duxbury, MA  02331   781-834-4663

We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves


About Us

Standish Humane Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1969 dedicated to the care of homeless and needy animals in southeastern Massachusetts. We operate a no-kill shelter and adoption center for cats in Duxbury, MA and a reduced-cost Spay and Neuter Program for dogs and cats.  Standish Humane is dependent on charitable donations to provide for the care of cats and kittens awaiting adoption.  We adopt out an average of 345 cats and kittens annually.


Holmes House, our shelter in Duxbury, opened in 1990.  It is named after the late Elizabeth Holmes of Duxbury, founder and first president of SHS.  Our two-story shelter provides a home-like environment where cats live in compatible groups in the various rooms.


Standish aspires to care for and place the many stray and abandoned animals through the shelter and a network of volunteer foster homes which house pregnant cats and cats with unweaned kittens.  The telephone rings constantly and we are always faced with more needy cats and kittens than we can help. Standish does not euthanize sheltered cats, no matter how long one might wait to be adopted. We wish we could help each and every needy cat, but when the shelter is full, we have a commitment to those already in our care.  We appreciate your understanding of our limitations.



Although Standish is a cat shelter, we love dogs and do lots to help them.   Standish has an extensive network of great veterinarians who help us spay and neuter dogs and provide their services at a reduced fee.  Standish has subsidized this spay/neuter process for years and helped hundreds of families take proper care of their beloved doggies.  Standish also provides financial assistance to families whose dogs (and cats, of course!) are in dire need of medical assistance that the families cannot fully afford.  Standish is also pleased to help with medical costs for dogs that are awaiting adoption at town shelters in southeastern Massachusetts. 

Board of Directors

Julie Salamone, President

Lynn Allain, Vice President

Kathy Bergeron, Treasurer

Joyce Keyes, Clerk

Loren Brown

Janet Callaghan

Jen Case-Pouliot

Kelly Ragona

Jim Sheehan

Melinda Tarsi

Shelter Director:  Julia Fratalia

Animal Care/Shift Supervior:  Dawne Goncalves
Office Manager/Adoption Coordinator: Marcie Geyer
Shelter Supervisory Staff:  Julia Fratalia, Joanne Getchell, Elaine Richardson, Julie Salamone, Helen Vickers
Adoption Team:  Dawne Goncalves, Lynn Allain, Julia Fratalia, Joyce Keyes, Kristen Papuga, Julie Salamone
Pound Liaison:  Julia Fratalia
Spay/Neuter Program: Julia Fratalia, Marilyn Phillips, Karen Whitaker
Volunteer Coordinators: Jen Case-Pouliot, Dawne Goncalves, Lynn Allain
Sponsor Program: Lynn Allain, Julie Salamone, Jane Pearson, Pat Leighfield, Susan Roan

Outreach Events:

Feral Cat Assistance Program:  Klaire Perkins
Foster Home Program: Julia Fratalia
Planet Subaru Home Forever Fund:  Debbie Porter
Communications:  Klaire Perkins, Lynn Allain, Rose Donoghue, Dot Leach, Jillian Blades
Graphics:  Helen Vickers, Heather Cipulio
Newsletter: Lynn Allain, Heather Cipulio, Klaire Perkins, Marilyn Phillips

Julia Fratalia is our Shelter Director.   Julia is responsible for the overall management of the shelter, and very dedicated to ensuring the health and well being of our residents.

Dawne Goncalves is our Animal Care/Shift Supervisor. Dawne has spent most of her adult life working on the administrative side of several veterinary hospitals and she is a person who is very dedicated to the rescue, sheltering and placement of cats and dogs. Dawne is a purrrfect fit for Standish and the kitties are thrilled to have her join the Holmes House staff!
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Standish Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization run almost entirely by volunteers.  Standish is an organization dedicated to placing homeless cats into loving “forever homes” and to reducing the tragic pet over-population problem through its reduced-cost spay/neuter programs.  Donations to Standish Humane Society are greatly appreciated and are fully tax deductible in accordance with applicable laws
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