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Pet Care Tips


Learn about the benefits of feeding your cat wet food here



OUCH!   Cat Bites Can Be Serious 

What you should know if you are bitten by a cat
 Review Information from VCA Animal Hospitals Here

Cats enjoy a cat tree for several reasons.  The cats here in "Tawney's Room" can look out the window at the bird feeder, curl up for a nap and get their excercise climbing up and down the tree.

Pet Insurance
Some pet owners want to have the security of knowing their pet's health is insured, but don't know what insurance is best for them. While Standish Humane does not recommend any particular pet insurance provider, we are providing links to and Consumer Affairs to help you make an informed choice.

How to find a pet friendly apartment.

Link to site listing Pet Friendly Apartments in Boston

Link to sites listing Pet Friendly Apartments in the Duxbury area.


Keeping your cat safely indoors - an escape route you never thought about.
In September 2013, a newly adopted cat (Bart) escaped from his new home by pushing through the accordian like spacer of a window air conditioner.  After 2 months of diligent searching, he was found and brought safely back to the shelter.  If you have window air conditioners, please be sure to firmly secure the spacers to the window frames with screws/nails. 

 Cat Must Haves ....
Congratulations!  You have adopted a kitty.

Click Here for a list of the 'must haves' for your new family member.

 199 Poisonous Plants to Look Out For:


"Go Green" with Pet Safe Cleaning Products for your Home
All-Purpose Cleaner
1/2 cup borax 
1 gallon hot water 
Mix in pail dissolving the borax completely; wipe clean with a rag.

Wood Floors
1/4 cup white vinegar 
1 gallon warm water 
Mix in mop bucket, rinse afterwards.

Linoleum/Vinyl Floors
1 cup white vinegar 
2 gallons warm water 
Mix in mop bucket, rinse afterwards.

Furniture Polish
1/2 cup white vinegar 
1 teaspoon olive oil 
Mix and apply with a clean rag to dust and polish. Reduce the olive oil if wood looks too oily.

Toilet Bowl
baking soda 
white vinegar 
To clean and deodorize, sprinkle toilet bowl with baking soda, add white vinegar and scrub with a toilet brush.

Tub and Tile
1/2 lemon 
Dip the face of the lemon half in borax to create a hand-held scrubber for dirty areas. Rinse and dry the surface afterwards.

1/4 cup vinegar or 1 Tablespoon lemon juice 
2+ cups of water 
Fill a spray bottle with water and either white vinegar or lemon juice: wipe with a rag or old