Standish Humane Society

P.O. Box 634, Duxbury, MA  02331   781-834-4663

We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves

Volunteer Opportunities

Please take a few minutes to review the many volunteer tasks that are vital to the operation of our programs.

-videographer to assist with special projects

-assist with Sponsor Program

-update sponsors; write thank you notes & send photos to sponsors

-assist in grant writing

-write thank you notes to donors

-run errands for the shelter

-pick up mail at Duxbury Post Office; pick up supplies or prescriptions at area stores; transport cats to/from vets and groomers

-shelter maintenance

-organize closets/hall/garage; stock rooms with food and litter

-grounds maintenance

-lawn mowing/pruning/weeding

-assist in office work

-track & organize supplies; photocopying/maintenance of handouts and brochures; assist with emails & phone calls

-assist in writing articles for the “Newsletter”

-become a cat “BUDDY” at the shelter

-become a cat “foster parent” at home

-participate in public relations efforts

-participate in weekend activities (out reach events and animal fairs)



For more information about volunteering,  email